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Current speed : - KB/s

Minimum speed : - KB/s

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Current speed : - KB/s

Minimum speed : - KB/s

Maximum speed : - KB/s

PTCL Speed Test

PTCL is a Pakistan base telecommunication and broadband provider company by holding approximately 78% of the internet user in Pakistan. Despite many other internet providers nationwide PTCL is remarkably good in providing quality services.

PTCL is providing internet as landline and through wireless devices. By holding the major part of user in the country PTCL need to maintain its customer’s requirements. Keeping the quality of customer service for its internet user PTCL has launches a website for customers to check their PTCL internet connection speed and reliability. Customers can simply visit the website and can check their connection flow Easley.


When we open speed test page the first thing that is being test is Latency. Now question is that, what Latency is? Latency is the amount of time which connections take to connect to the host and begin the data retrieval process. When multiple tabs are open your computer may be performing hundreds of these connections. It is measured in milliseconds. The long it takes to start these connections, and the way rapidly the info arrives, is crucial to the net connection’s perceived speed.

Downloading Speed

After testing latency the next step is testing the downloading speed of the connection. Downloading speed is the rate that how fast data can be fetch from server. People use to download Movies, games, audio songs, loading web pages and streaming online videos. Downloading can be measured in Megabytes per second. Downloading speed is always higher than the uploading speed because general websites usually do not have any option to upload any data on them. If you are visiting a website, the web page you seeing is result of download.

Uploading speed

Uploading is how fast you can send data from your computer to other computers. Uploading is very important for send email, large files and for video calling where user uploads his video to send to the person he is talking to. Uploading speed is also measured in Megabytes. Uploading speed is essential too as downloading speed because now a days everyone uses Facebook, flicker ant many other site where we upload our picture and videos to share it across our social account. Uploading speed became more important for those people who use to upload large file from their own computer to someone else computer.

Speed Meter

PTCL Speed meter show the rate of Megabytes in numeric form to understand the speed easily. It works just like our car meter where car meter show us the speed of our vehicle and here its shows the speed of internet connection in Mb’s. CHARTER WIRELESS user can check here

Connection Graph

Connection Graph shows the fluctuation of the data connection in a graph. Internet connection speed doesn’t stay same always it fluctuate every second.  Its show the ups and downs of both downloading speed and uploading speed at same place.